Why would someone cover half of her face with a mug and use that image as her profile picture? On Tinder, that would be a red flag. But here, it shows a mysterious, cool, professional woman enjoying a cup of coffee (which could be found on a Brooklyn photo stock, if such a thing existed*). She very well could be thinking of an amazing idea for that amazing campaign that she can’t mention now because she’s drinking coffee.

She would probably tell you that she’s a passionate and determined person. From the fanciest of cars to the most feminine products, she has worked on many different clients. A vegetarian that has worked on creative for steakhouses and fast food, because idealism doesn’t pay the rent. She has executed campaigns for milk, yogurt, ice cream, mattresses, alcohol, entertainment, and even lawyers, which has given her a wide range of understanding of different needs. She can connect with the Hispanic Market, the General Market and humans in general.

She wouldn’t tell you too many good things about herself because humbleness, but you can contact her previous bosses and coworkers, or her Mom. But, I must warn you, if you are there when she puts the cup of coffee down on the table, you better be ready. Besides writing, she likes talking!

* A Brooklyn photo stock is my idea and it’s almost copyrighted.