When the flu hit Mexico, Clorox cleaning and disinfectant products stood up for the people.


Clorox. Protect your family from bacteria.

Radio Industry Mexico

To emphasize the importance of personal hygiene during flu season, we encouraged our audience to wash their hands. In Spanish, this phrase also means washing your hands of a situation. And Mexicans are pretty good at that.


Different people talking in different radio news stations.

Man 1

Those really responsible for global warming are the developed countries.


I think our student’s performance has been affected by summer time.

Man 2

It’s a shame that the bad weather made the Mexican soccer team lose the match.

Man 3

If I separate my garbage from my recycling, someone wouldn’t have a job, so I won’t do it.


Mexicans do know how to wash their hands.

Let’s continue doing it to protect us from H1N1 virus. Wash your hands often, cover your mouth when you sneeze and stay home if you think you’re sick. Our health is everyone’s responsibility.